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A soggy 12 miles

Today’s run was wet and rainy.  Utah has been unseasonably warm lately.  Today’s run would normally have been done in a snowstorm, but since it was 50 degrees this morning, we got to run in the rain.  The run was made a little more difficult by the fact that it wasn’t a consistent rain.  Just when you got used to the wetness, it would stop raining and then you’d start to over heat.  Off comes the hat and gloves.  A few minutes later and the wind picks up so you have to put the hat and gloves back on.  Kind of frustrating.

Many people decided to get their running done today on the treadmill, but we still had a good turnout.  Not quite the usual 50+ people that turn out on Saturday, but we probably still had about 30 show up or so.  It surprises me that that many people would choose to run on a treadmill instead of outside.  The longest distance I’ve run on a treadmill is 10 miles, and I just about died of boredom.  Even with the rain and cold, it’s way better to be outside.

There was so much rain today that as we ran along 1500 south, one of our more common routes, we pretty much had a babbling brook in the gutter.  It was kind of nice to have a different noise to listen to rather than the sound of car engines.  The sound of running water is rather soothing.  It was kind of like running next to a creek for a good two miles.

It was still a great run.  Any time you go out and battle the elements on a day like today makes you feel more confident in your abilities as a runner.  Races don’t always happen on sunny warm days, especially here in Utah.  There’s a pretty decent chance with the spring races here that race day could be in the middle of rainstorm.  I wouldn’t even necessarily cross out snow either.

So, how wet was it today?  Check out the video below and you’ll what we were dealing with.  I’m holding my hat in my hand.



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