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Run For Two Johns

Huntsman Hometown Heroes Training run for February 11, 2012 Recap of the training run. This past Saturday was fantastic for running.  The weather was warm by Salt Lake standards, there was no rain or wind like a few weeks ago, and we had plenty of sunshine.  I was actually able to ditch the hat and […]

10 things I love about running.

I’ve been looking more into the online running community lately by exploring twitter.  I discovered this great little group called #RunChat.  Every other Sunday a bunch of runners log onto Twitter and share their thoughts and inspiration on running.  Topics range from workout playlists to how to get over injuries.  It’s worth checking out sometime, […]

A soggy 12 miles

Today’s run was wet and rainy.  Utah has been unseasonably warm lately.  Today’s run would normally have been done in a snowstorm, but since it was 50 degrees this morning, we got to run in the rain.  The run was made a little more difficult by the fact that it wasn’t a consistent rain.  Just […]

Snow on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The weather in Utah has been pretty awesome for running so far.  Normally we would have snow all over with bitter cold temperatures, but it’s been really dry so far.  We had 50 degree temps yesterday.  Considering today is a holiday,  it would be a great day to get a good run it, but it’s […]

Training Runs

One of the great things about participating with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation is they have a great little charity running group called the Huntsman Hometown Heroes.  This group is similar to Team in Training, except that they don’t make you mortgage your house to meet the minimum fundraising goal.  The minimum fundraising goal is only $500 […]


Just a quick post as to what this blog is going to be about. I’m going to start off with a quick introduction about what our Ragnar team is about. Next we will start to go into a few bios about some of our team members. Any revenue generated from this blog will go towards […]

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