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Earning BIG bucks with Charitable Foundations

For a lot of the members of our team, the basic friends and family approach to fundraising has proven highly successful.  In this style of fundraising, you write a quick email and send it out to your close friends and family.  The email usually has a paragraph or two about why the person is raising funds, has a picture, and asks for people to go to their donation page and help out.  We’ve had a number of people on our team make the individual goal of raising $500 in 24 hours or less using this tactic.  However, I’m not so lucky.

This is the third time I’ve raised money for HHH and I think that my friends and family pool has dried out.  I sent out an email to 30 of my closest friends and family and I only got two donations out of it, for which I am very grateful.  I’ve plastered status updates all over Facebook, to the point that I’ve probably annoyed most people.  I got one donation out of that.  With that being said, I’m declaring my family and friends a dried up funding source and I’m looking at additional ways to raise funds.  That’s partially what this blog is about.  I’m hoping that eventually it gets big enough that I can get some serious numbers of followers, which might donate, or maybe even get a brand to sponsor some advertisements with the proceeds going to HHH.

Another avenue that we are pursuing is charitable foundations and grants.  These are not as reliable as family and friends can be, but they have bigger pay-offs.  One member of HHH, who is participating in a different race, got a single donation from the God, Family, and Country foundation for $2,500.  If our team could get just one grant of similar size, we would be nearly done with our fundraising.  

I did some more browsing and I ended up discovering the National Center for Charitable Statistics. On their site, I found a list of local charitable organizations as well as the total amount in grants that they give out on a yearly basis.  The list for local Utah county organizations was also extensive and listed 160 charitable foundations in Utah county alone.  Hopefully this website can help others as they seek to find donors to help them in their fundraising endeavors.

I emailed the rest of our team to see if anyone else would be interested in contacting these groups, and I got another lead from one of our team members.  She said that she kept hearing on the radio about a Utah competition for charitable organizations that was sponsored by Select Health.  The contest awards $2,500 grants to 25 organizations spread throughout the state.  Applications are capped at the first 500 submissions.  I forwarded this on to HHH and they applied for me in my name.  If we end up winning it will be the easiest fundraising I’ve ever done.  You can read more about the competition at www.select25.org and even see past winners.


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