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Super Speedy ways to Fundraise with Ragnar Relay

Speedy Money
The dollars will come running in

The best idea to get your team motivated to fundraise.

Tomorrow we are picking our routes for the Ragnar Relay: Wasatch Back race.  As mentioned in this previous post, the secret to motivating your team to fundraise is to base route selection on who has accomplished the most fundraising.  This has turned out to be an amazing motivational tool to get the team excited about raising money for cancer research.  In a single month’s time, we have raised nearly the entire amount of our fundraising minimum.  At this moment, we have raised just under $11,500 and we are just $1,000 short of our minimum goal to be able to race.  The team has been amazing at fundraising.

How Fast the Money Came in.
There’s been numerous fundraising high lights so far.  Ones that come to mind are Diana Bateman being the first one to hit $500 and raising her goal to $1000 shortly thereafter.  Jodi Vargas, Mandy Fuhriman, and Ryan Smith each raised $500 or close to it in just a couple of days. But, this week has been the most exciting so far.  I announced to the team on Friday that we had made the $9,000 mark, 75% of our goal.  I came back to work on Monday and found out that over the weekend we had raised another $1,000.  I was so excited, but the team had even more in them.  The next day, I was elated to see that our team had done even more and raised $1,500 in 24 hours.  I seriously don’t think there’s anything these guys can’t do.  

Return on Investment
This has seriously been one of the best things I have done in a while.  This also has got to be one of the most effective fundraising tools out there for charity running groups.  Figuring that the average cost of an entry for a Ragnar Relay is $1,500 and that, at least for the Huntsman Hometown Heroes program, the minimum fundraising goal per team is $6,000, you have a return on investment of 300%.  It’s also an awesome way to recruit people into the organization.  So far, our two Ragnar teams have recruited 26 new individuals into the Huntsman Hometown Heroes program.  A few of these are even from outside of Utah, which gives the HHH program national exposure.  The Ragnar Relay may very well be the most effective charity running event around.  See if there is one in your area and if you can get a charity running team together.  You’ll be happy you did.


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