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Run For Two Johns

Huntsman Hometown Heroes Training run for February 11, 2012

Recap of the training run.

The youngest member of our team

The youngest member of our running group.

This past Saturday was fantastic for running.  The weather was warm by Salt Lake standards, there was no rain or wind like a few weeks ago, and we had plenty of sunshine.  I was actually able to ditch the hat and gloves for once.  Last week we ran 14 miles, so this week it was time to recover.  We still ran a quite impressive 10 miles for the marathoners and 5 miles for those preparing to do a half marathon.  Coach Elfi said she tried to make the route as flat as possible, but we still ended up doing about two miles worth of hills right at the get go.  I’m not complaining though because the race I’m training for has plenty of hills.   The route couldn’t have been too bad as we had a pretty young runner complete it.

You can see the specifics of our run here via endomondo.


This weeks cancer survivor.

Not only does our running group, the Huntsman Hometown Heroes, train every Saturday, we also dedicate each weeks run to someone that is having to deal with cancer.  This weeks run was dedicated to two people who share the same first name, John.  Their cancer story was brought to us by Tim Moore, who writes the section below.

John recovering from brain surgery

John recovering from brain surgery


About 2 months ago , I posted on my Facebook page a link to the weekly recap video of the Hometown Heroes  Saturday morning run.  A high school friend saw the video and messaged me to let me know how much he appreciated all that the Hometown Heroes are doing to fund cancer research by running various events.  He was diagnosed with a brain tumor just 5 days earlier.  He was feeling a little down since he was awaiting approval for a second opinion.   His second opinion was approved and his 2nd oncologist  said surgery was a good option along with chemo and radiation therapy .  He is currently recovering from his surgery to remove his tumor.  He will be starting his chemotherapy and radiation treatments this week.    John and his finance, Judy  appreciate everything the HEROES are doing for cancer research.






Going Fishing

About 6 months ago , a former co-worker also named John, was diagnosed  with bone cancer.  John is a pharmacist, who has spent the past 30 years dedicating his life to caring for his customers. Now he is the one needing the care.  We run because Ava loves her Grandpa so much and wants many more fishing experiences with him.

What has inspired me to continue to run with the Hometown Heroes for my 6th season?   My answer is the same as the rest of my fellow HEROES: Too many friends and family are still hearing the words ” You’ve got cancer ” .

100 % of your donation goes directly towards cancer research.  Thank you for being  A REASON TO HOPE !!


Please consider making a donation to help support these two men.  You can make a donation to Tim Moore’s fundraising goal by clicking the button below.


Make a donation

Video of this weeks run.


2 Responses to “Run For Two Johns”

  1. Yes, the call of warmer running conditions. I’m just glad to be out running again at all after a months-long recovery from injuries.

    I too am a cancer survivor. Over 20 years now and I don’t really focus on the details anymore.

    When I finished treatment and was declared in-remission and even when I hit the 5-year mark, I still called myself a cancer survivor. I’d rather thrive than survive.

    It took a long time but it’s now just a part of my history. My motivation for running is to stay healthy: physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Keep on running . . . it really does make a difference.


    Posted by Jim | February 16, 2012, 7:12 AM

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