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Sh*z Ragnarians say; Wasatch Back Style

At the end of January, @RagnarRelay hooked into an internet meme and tweeted “Ragnar is jumping on the bandwagon but we need help! What is some #ShitRagnariansSay?”  I still have yet to participate in my first Ragnar Relay, so I can only guess what most of the responses mean.  However, I do know that if you run in the Wasatch Back, as I plan to in June, you will inevitably meet some Mormons. Of the many things that we Mormons do, one of them is to practice clean speech. That’s right, no swear words. That has not, however, stopped us from coming up with our own choice phrases that stand as suitable substitutes. So, while you may not hear sh!% so much here in Utah, you are bound to hear “shiz”, “frick”, and “son of a biscuit eater”. The video below gives an excellent primer on most of the naughty Mormon phrases that you may hear during the Wasatch Back race.


With that being said, here is my favorite list of #ShizRagnariansSay, Wasatch Back style.

  • “Van #(1 or 2, whichever is the other one) are running really damn dang slow today.” @erichauge
  • “Those high school track kids are only passing us because they’re not old enough to drink vote” @Ranwithyourmom

So, if you come out and enjoy one of the best Ragnar Relay’s there is, hopefully this post will help you understand a little bit about the quirky culture that Utah has to offer.

See you at the finish line.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard/seen at a race?  Share below.

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