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Lately it’s been hard to get a lunch workout in while I’m at work.  This semester I have a class from 12-1 4 days a week and it takes up all of my time that I usually have for a workout.  As intriguing as bioanalytical chemistry is, I’d much rather be putting some miles behind me.  However, today class was cancelled so I got to head up to the workout room.  

I went into change my clothes and after a few minutes, I realized I was missing something; my running shoes.  I was about to call it quits when i realized that I could probably just use my regular work shoes and go on the stationary bike.  The fashion would be hideous, but I thought it might make a for a good picture to put on Twitter and hopefully get some more followers and hopefully attract some more people to my blog.  So, away I went with my horribly clashing blue workout socks, that the Huntsman Hometown Heroes gave to me, and my brown leather work shoes.  On their own, each is quite attractive, but put the two together and you get some nice chuckles from coworkers as they gawk at you in the hallway.

I got my 30 minutes on the bike in and took a nice perspective picture with my phone to share with everyone.

My super fashionable exercise socks and super fashionable work shoes.
Not so fashionable together.

While running outside is certainly much more preferable, Myriad has a pretty nice gym set up for those days when you don’t feel like going outside and braving the cold like these guys.  


The room is triangle shaped and has a panoramic view of the whole Salt Lake Valley.  On a clear day you can see all the way past the Oquirrh mountains as well as mount Olympus.  On a not so clear day when there is an inversion you get to see the lovely smog cloud that rivals anything Los Angeles has to deal with and your glad to be running inside with filtered air.  I tried to take a panoramic picture of the view from the stationary bike.  I hope you like it.

Panoramic view of our workout room

I just got word that HHH is going to come to Myriad and do a group picture of us as well as take some video interviews of why people are participating and raising money.  I should be able to get a few of those up.  In the mean time, here is another video that HHH has produced that shows some of our runners out doing their thing.  This video is from the first training run in 2011.


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